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AHONU Spirit Artist

Ireland & USA


AHONU (Ireland) & his US born wife Aingeal Rose are the authors of over 100 books of Answers From The Akashic Records. As authors, artists, speakers, publishers, ministers, radio hosts and spiritual teachers, they document and share their 30-year journey of consciousness to help people all over the world move from mediocre to miraculous. They have helped countless people all over the world grow in personal power and self-mastery through their simple but highly effective Honest-to-God Series podcast and Answers From The Akashic Records books.

Now you can get a flavor of their artistic talent from their public showcase on Fine Art America.

You can find out more about Aingeal Rose & Ahonu here.


Ann Kirby by AHONU


Christine Glaser by AHONU


Bill Brooks by AHONU


The Spirit of Love of the Arab Republic of EGYPT by AHONU


Dolores Kelly by AHONU


Ritz Carlton SOLD by AHONU


Heather Kelly by AHONU


The Spirit of Love of the United States of America by AHONU


370 S Caldwell St by AHONU


Natural Connections Magazine by AHONU


Betty Lou by AHONU


Cathy Yeatts by AHONU


Betty Boswell by AHONU


Kathy Anne McGuffin by AHONU


Ashley Jones by AHONU


Cindy Vickers by AHONU


Fortune From Famine by AHONU


Aristocracy Disseminating Wealth by AHONU


Robert Schlinger by AHONU


Lori Fothergill by AHONU


Claudia and John by AHONU


Patrice Ekins by AHONU


Kathie Fallon by AHONU


Anne's Money returns by AHONU


Charlotte McGinnis by AHONU


Geraldine by AHONU


Mella Murphy by AHONU


Peggy Bulla by AHONU


Claudia Rinaldi by AHONU


Janai Rebecca by AHONU


Sarah Aaronson by AHONU


Camille Campion by AHONU


Estee Aaronson by AHONU


Mollie Aaronson by AHONU


Philip Madeley by AHONU


Susan Miller by AHONU


Maryann Balicki by AHONU


Linda and Tom by AHONU


Adrienne by AHONU


Back Pain Resolved by AHONU


Heartbreak Recovery by AHONU


Start the Prop by AHONU


Twin Pearls by AHONU


Coil of Transformation by AHONU


No Longer Hooked by AHONU


embracing the Divine Fire by AHONU


Cut Flower in Energy Field by AHONU


Almost There by AHONU