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Ireland & San Diego, CA


AHONU (Ireland) & his US born wife Aingeal Rose are authors, visionary artists, speakers, radio hosts and spiritual teachers who, individually and as a Twin-Flame husband-and-wife team, have helped countless people all over the world grow in personal power and self-mastery through their simple but highly effective Honest-to-God Series of self mastery programs. Together they founded Holistic Ireland, the World of Empowerment Organization the Spirit of Love Project and the 8-Steps-to-Freedom program.

They have combined over 50 years of Metaphysical and Psychic experience throughout the United States and Ireland, are Master Tarot Teachers, an authority on the Akashic Records and hold certifications in Psychic Laser Therapy, Kathara Healing, Soul Retrieval, Reiki and Cellular Re-Patterning. They have held workshops in Manifesting, Self-Healing, Working with Homeopathic Color Remedies, Beginner through Advanced Tarot, Visionary Art and more. Clients report that AHONU's gifts as a Spiritual Artist and healer have hugely improved their lives and his original Soul Portraits and Family Crests have an instant, positive effect on their immediate and extended family.

Spirit-Art-Front-Cover.jpgAHONU's first published work was called ~AHONU Portfolio 1~ and contains over 200 works of clients up to 2010. This beautiful book of Spirit Art paintings can be seen here or purchased from Amazon.com. You can also see a short video of his work on YouTube and more of his pictures are available on his Facebook profile.

The Spirit Art Gallery at AHONU.com is now the online outlet for AHONU's Spirit Art and Soul Portraits. In 2008 he began painting ORIGINAL FAMILY CRESTS. We say "original" because he paints the family crest by tuning in to the vibration of the family name BEFORE there were any distortions, war, battles, wounds, or negative imprinting on the family name. The result is a crest that has an IMMEDIATE, POSITIVE, TRANSFORMATIVE IMPACT on a person's life. We cannot say enough about the BENEFICIAL impact of these and they are a testament to his deep healing and artistic ability.

sol-logo-transparent-200.pngIn April 2011 AHONU and Aingeal Rose created the Spirit of Love Project - a world-wide collection of the Spirit of Love images from people all around the world, collated into a collage and presented as a rotating sphere of love encircling the Earth! To have YOUR picture included in the Spirit of Love Project, simply email your full name, city and country or sign up here - http://ahonu.com/spiritoflove. Your Spirit of Love picture will be emailed to you and a copy will go forward into the collage. All are welcome! See the fast-growing Spirit of Love Gallery at http://ahonu.com/gallery/index.php/spiritoflove. Using the same insight, AHONU also paints unique corporate logos that have a profound, positive impact on the business's identity and purpose.

AHONU's paintings are shipped all over the world and his Family Crest's and Soul Portraits include a comprehensive and deep analysis. His art portfolio is available on Amazon.com, FineArtAmerica.com and the Spirit of Love Project website is http://ahonu.com/spiritoflove. For further information or to arrange an interview, book signing, speaking engagement, book a workshop, Spirit of Love painting or Akashic Records Reading, please contact us here: Follow AHONU on Facebook Follow AHONU on LinkedIn Follow AHONU on Twitter Or by Phone USA: +1-224-588-8026, Ireland: 087-6177925 or Skype: ah-hon-u


Denise Davis by AHONU


Iris Whittington by AHONU


Mitchell-Creehan Ancestral Healing Family Crest by AHONU


Wald Family Crest by AHONU


Annette Wald by AHONU


Alexander by AHONU


Cassandra by AHONU


Tanner Family Crest by AHONU


Kreke Family Crest by AHONU


Ho-Sheng-Hsiao-Family-Crest by AHONU


BOK-WAN Family Crest by AHONU


SML-Earth by AHONU


WC Power Shield by AHONU


Power Shield by AHONU


Kenneth Bok by AHONU


Theidan by AHONU


Chantal Cash by AHONU


The Water Bearer by AHONU


Stargazer by AHONU


Lakeside in the Carolinas by AHONU


Anonymous by AHONU


Daughter of the Bartleys by AHONU


Marie Bartley by AHONU


Aimee Battaglini by AHONU


Sullivan Family Crest by AHONU


Warner-Whipple Family Crest by AHONU


Crissey Family Crest by AHONU


Moore Family Crest by AHONU


Twin Couple by AHONU


Andrea Campbell by AHONU


Who Are We and Why Are We Here by AHONU


Artificially Engineered Viruses by AHONU


Solar Flares and Technology by AHONU


Questions to the Records about the Records by AHONU


Prosperity by AHONU


Numbers and DNA by AHONU


Suicide and Mental Illness by AHONU


Children by AHONU


Health by AHONU


Our Future Selves by AHONU


Food and Water by AHONU


Extra Terrestrials by AHONU


Earth Changes by AHONU


Western Medicine and Alternative Therapies by AHONU


Our Organic True Selves by AHONU


Messages from Mother Mary by AHONU


Earth and The Ending of Evil by AHONU


Our Future Selves by AHONU